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A Spark in the office

Hi – this is Belle, the receptionist at DiMatteo Insurance. Today I am taking an opportunity to write the blog because I am extremely excited about what is happening at DiMatteo Insurance. Our manager, Kim DiMatteo, is an avid reader and always shares books and blogs in the office to help encourage, motivate or inspire the team. This morning’s reading was a blog from Chip Gaines, of Magnolia, titled, “We believe in human kindness”. If you have not read the post, please take a moment to read it here.

“Kindness is contagious, but the spark has to start somewhere. Why don’t we start here? And why don’t we start now?”

This quote is everything, here’s why I know this. Years ago, I sat on a congested train with my granddaughter, it was during the 5pm rush and as you know, everyone is searching for a seat after a long day and no one is looking for chatter, they are looking for quiet time. Ask anyone who works long days in NYC, and they will tell you the rules and etiquette of Metro North commuting. I know I have been reminded a few times as I am a chatterbox. After a rough day traveling through NY with a toddler, I was beat and desperately wanted quiet time too. My granddaughter, on the other hand, not so much. Upon entering the train with a toddler, I was already getting the stares, you know those stares, the “She better not think of sitting next to me with that toddler who is bound to cry”. The stares alone cast a weight on my shoulders as I felt there was an expectation of me, from strangers, to make sure this ride was quiet.

I awkwardly sat next to a stranger with my granddaughter on my lap and prayed silently that this would be a quiet ride. Ellie, my granddaughter, wasn’t comfortable staring at people in complete silence, so I tried rocking her for a nap, but the bumps and lights of the train made it uncomfortable. I let her stand on my lap facing me and I smiled at her, then it started. She giggled, and I guess the bumps of the train and her trying to keep her balance as her chubby legs were standing on my knees caused her to feel like she was on a roller coaster ride and she giggled louder, and the more I shushed her the more she giggled and then came the point of no return for all in the train car that day. She giggled loudly and snorted like a little piggy.

The dreadful stares turned into affectionate looks, and then, they all began to giggle. Then conversation struck, “How old is she?” from one person, “She’s so precious” from another, “Oh my goodness that little snort made my day” said another. Chip is right, kindness is contagious. The train ride of dread turned into one of my greatest memories and somewhere out there is a video as people pulled out their cell phones to record the giggles that followed with a snort. Ellie was the spark that set the entire train car on fire with laughter.

So, when this article hit my desk, I imagined a giggle with an occasional snort kind of day, everyday in the office.

With that said, we are more than elated to take on the challenge. The Flyers are posted, the staff is excited, and we are ready to #makeKINDNESSloud. Starting here, starting now. Be sure to follow our Blog, Instagram and Facebook page as our team is ready to share this contagious gift of kindness. Stay tuned….

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