Business Insurance Account Management

Laser Focused. Detail Driven. Always with a Smile.

Business insurance is complicated, why not leave all those details up to us.

Call us, stop by and see us – drop us an email!  We love our clients…and cookies.  We will never say no to cookies!

Our Business Insurance Account Management Team is here for you when you 

  • Need to report a claim
  • Have a billing issue
  • Have questions about your policies
  • Need help on safety programs
  • Have to get an injured employee back to work
  • Just need support – we are great hand holders
Kayla Murphy
Commercial Lines Assistant

ph: 203-924-5422

Maureen Yash
Maureen Yash, CWCS
Commercial Lines Assistant

ph: 203-924-5416

Marsha Brownell
Marsha Brownell
Commercial Lines Account Manager

ph: 203-924-5410

Maria Rodrigues
Maria Rodrigues, CWCS
Commercial Lines Account Manager

ph: 203-924-5415

Debbie Rossi
Debbie Rossi
Commercial Lines Account Manager

ph: 203-924-5414

Join the people behind our success

Go Team!  If you are looking to join a forward thinking independent insurance agency as a Commercial Lines Account Manager/Executive give us a call!

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