Insurance Carrier Selection

Let’s Talk Matches made in Heaven. Finding the RIGHT Insurance Carrier.

As an independent insurance broker we have access to the top “A” Rated carriers around. We are the Matchmaker.  We work for YOU, not them.  Our role is to understand everything our carriers have to offer and present only the Magic Fits to our clients.

No Two Carriers are Alike.  

They all have super powers and areas of expertise.  You don’t have to know all the details – that’s up to us! When choosing a carrier, we use follow these guidelines:

  • Vet our carriers to determine who is the best fit for your business depending on your unique risks.
  • Provide and create a clear, concise and compelling representation of your account to the carriers
  • Determine your target premiums based on Benchmarking statistics, never on prior premiums
  • Establish expected timeline for carrier quotations back to you.
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Kim DiMatteo

Kim DiMatteo
Branch Manager

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