Group and Personal Health Insurance
  1. Does the premium amount I pay to the carrier go into my H.S.A. account?

    No, the premium paid is for the health plan. If you wish to make a contribution to your H.S.A. account you can do that either as an additional payroll deduction (pre-tax) or as an after tax deposit directly to your account.

  2. For group health plans, as the employer, can we deduct the premium for a member that has been terminated after the current invoice has been generated?

    No, you have to pay the invoice as billed and the carrier will issue a credit within one to two billing cycles.

  3. I am an individual and currently do not have insurance. Can I enroll at this time?

    If you do not have a qualifying event, open enrollment is Nov 1st for a January 1st effective date.

Business Insurance
  1. How do I issue a Certificate of Insurance?

    Please watch the tutorial below to learn how to issue a Certificate of Insurance using our Client Portal. You can also watch it here: WATCH ON YOUTUBE.

Personal Insurance (Home, Auto, etc.)
  1. Is my home insured for damage that may result from flooding caused by a hurricane or other storm?

    Generally, coverage provided by a standard homeowners policy does not include damage caused by flooding or mudslides. If you live in an area where this is a concern, give us a call and we provide a quote for additional coverage.

  2. Who is responsible when a tree falls on a neighbor’s property?

    When a tree falls over onto a neighbor’s property, that neighbor should submit a claim to his or her insurance company. However, there are some cases where a homeowner could be held liable. If the tree fell on the neighbor’s home when the homeowner was trying to cut down the tree without professional help, the damage would be the homeowner’s responsibility. Also, if the tree was dying, unstable or diseased and the homeowner knew about it, he or she could be liable if it falls over on its own.

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