Insurance For You and Your Family

We take your Needs Personally.

Insurance is not a “one size fits all” proposition.  We take the time to understand your unique needs and recommend insurance that is a fit for you.  Meeting the needs of families and individuals has always been a tradition at DiMatteo Insurance. Because we are an independent agent, we represent a number of top insurance companies and take the time to match your needs with a company that has the right combination of coverage, price, financial stability, and record of prompt and fair claims settlement.

Because protecting you and your family takes a little longer than 15-Minutes.

Our pledge:

We get to know you and your needs first – then we recommend appropriate coverages with competitive pricing.

You will work with a licensed and dedicated professional who knows your account and provides personalized service.

We are independent and represent over a dozen financially stable insurance companies.  This enables us to  best match your needs.  When the market fluctuates, we can easily move you from one carrier to another.  No need for you to call anyone but us.

We provide education and communications to our clients regarding industry happenings and issues of concern.

We assist with third party losses, providing guidance and expertise.

We do a full client review every two years.

Regardless of your personal insurance needs, we are your single source for sound insurance solutions.

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