Insurance Claims Advocacy

You Purchase Insurance for this Very Moment

Having a claim can be overwhelming. We are here to hold your hand, walk you through the process and even give you a shoulder to cry on if that’s what you need.  Don’t ever think you need to manage an insurance claim alone.

If a Claim occurs Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM call our office at 203-924-4811

However, if the need to file a claim arises when our offices are closed, contact the insurance carrier directly.  The insurance carriers will notify DiMatteo Insurance of the claim, but it’s always best practices to call us when our offices re-open for business.  That’s when the hand holding can begin. 🙂

Managing your Claims and Cost Containment Planning.  We Advocate for YOU.

We want to make sure that insurance claims don’t stay on your record longer than they need to and we also want to make sure that the right parties are paying for losses and damages.  As we always say, the Devil is in the Details.  Our work doesn’t stop when we put your claim into the carrier, in fact, it just begins.  From getting that new roof on your house after a severe hail storm to getting old Work Comp reserves removed from your file, Team DiMatteo isn’t afraid to show some muscle on your behalf.  Consider us your Protector.

Carrier Claims Info
Company Telephone
Acadia 888-325-0056
AIG 888-978-5371
American Commerce 800-562-4517
American Strategic Insurance 866-274-5677
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 800-843-6096
Arbella 800-272-3552
Berkley One 855-663-8551
Bunker Hill 866-322-2442
Chubb 800-252-4670
Cincinatti 877-242-2544
Connecticare 800-251-7722
CNA 877-262-2727
EMC 888-362-2255
Great American 800–824-3052
GNY 800-522-5504
Harleysville 800-421-3535
Hanover 800-628-0250
Hartford 800-243-5860 (Personal)
Hartford 800-327-3636 (Commercial)
Harvard Pilgrim 888-333-4742
Infinity – Classic Cars 800-334-1661
Liberty Mutual 800-225-2467
Middleoak 800-225-2533
Narragansett 800-343-3375
National General 877-425-2467
National Grange 800-325-1088
NLC Insurance Companies 800-962-0800
NLC Insurance Companies 877-383-1742 (After Hours)
Oxford Health Plans 800-444-6222
Philadelphia 800-765-9749
Plymouth Rock 888-324-1620
Progressive 877-776-4737
Pure 888-813-PURE
Safeco 800-332-3226
Selective 866-455-9969
Selective Flood 877-348-0552
Travelers (Personal) 800-252-4633
Travelers (Commercial) 800-238-6225
Utica (Fax) 888-538-2018
Utica (Worker Compensation) 800-284-3806
Vermont Mutual 800-435-0397
Zurich 800-987-3373
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