General and Trade Contractor Insurance

Protecting you from Liability Nightmares

Faulty construction, employment practices and safety mishaps could cost you millions in lawsuits, and we’ve seen too many General and Trade Contractors  underinsured, under educated resulting in crippling hits to their balance sheet and in some cases financial ruin.

We don’t want that to be your story!

Our job at DiMatteo Insurance is to make sure YOU understand your RISKS and are able to make an educated decision on your RISK TOLERANCE.  If something bad were to happen, what can you afford to absorb?

Stopping the Splinters in your Bottom Line.

What sets DiMatteo Insurance apart from other Brokers?  We work side by side with on prevention and safety.  Accidents will happen, our job is to make sure we minimize that risk and prepare you for the worst case scenario.

We’ve got you covered:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Employee Benefits
  • Education & Training
  • Carrier Selection
  • CWCA – Certified Work Comp Advisors on Staff
  • Work Comp Management
  • Certificate of Insurance Distribution & Management
  • Claims Advocacy
  • OSHA and other Safety Training
  • Bond Management
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Kim DiMatteo

Kim DiMatteo
Branch Manager

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