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We are Educators and Safety Ninjas for the Manufacturing Industry

Well, Ninja may be a strong word, but when it comes to keeping Work Comp costs in check, safety is our #1 priority.  At DiMatteo Insurance you will find the educational and OSHA safety resources you need, backed up by our team of Manufacturing gurus our clients are confident we’ve got their backs. 

Why it Matters to You?

There are a lot of insurance brokers who claim to be the best, we put our money where our mouth is and are happy to share customer reviews with you any day.  If there is a problem, you call us.  If you have a question, you call us. When a claim occurs, you call us and we will hold your hand through the process and make sure you get back on your feet ASAP.

When it comes to injured employees, we will work with you to get them back on the job quickly and we will make sure they are getting the care they deserve.

We’ve got you covered:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Employee Benefits
  • Education & Training
  • Carrier Selection
  • CWCA – Certified Work Comp Advisors on Staff
  • Work Comp Management
  • Supply Chain Management Support
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Interruption Support
  • Claims Advocacy
  • OSHA and other Safety Training
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Kim DiMatteo

Kim DiMatteo
Branch Manager

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