Privacy Policy

The following is our Privacy policy on how the DiMatteo Insurance Service Center handles your information:

1. Collection of your information

We collect nonpublic personal financial information about you from the following sources:

  • Information from applications. This is information you give us on applications and other forms, by phone or online (if applicable). This information includes your name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, Social Security number, date of birth, length of employment, gender, marital status, prior insurance information, status of home ownership, length of residency, vehicle description, miles driven and vehicle use/driving history that we receive from you on applications or other forms.
  • Information about transactions. This is information about your trusted transactions with us and our affiliates. It includes your insurance coverage premiums and selection, your payment and claims history and information necessary for billing and payment. Other information used to investigate and settle insurance claims, such as witness statements and police reports, may be included as well.
  • Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency. This information is generally used to confirm or supplement application information. We disclose consumer report information only as necessary to quote or service your insurance policy and as permitted by law. By obtaining a quote, you consent to our sharing of this information with companies and their affiliates for underwriting purposes.

2. Disclosure policy

  • We may disclose all of the information that we collect, as described above only for the purposes of underwriting, quoting and placing your insurance coverages as well as the ongoing servicing of your insurance policies. Otherwise, we do not share your nonpublic information with anyone.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier provider of Insuranc to families and businesses. We strive to set the standard of excellence bar high by being innovative, community focused, and exceeding customer expectations. We encourage a culture of collaboration and trust to attract and retain the very best employees to help us achieve this goal.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive Insurance to protect our clients’ assets while treating our employees and clients as an extension of our family. We are guided by these core values:

  • Quality – We are committed to building a team of educated and experienced staff across all departments to provide the highest level of service.
  • Integrity – We will always be guided by the principle of doing what is right for our clients and strive to earn their confidence as trusted advisors.
  • Convenience – We will service all our clients’ needs by providing a comprehensive portfolio of insurance.
  • Community – We will give back to the community we serve in a meaningful way.

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