Insurance Risk Assessment

High Claims Frequency = Higher Insurance Premiums. That’s the bottom line.

Determining the probably that a loss will occur and creating a solid game plan on how to mitigate and perhaps eliminate those risks is what we do with our Business Insurance Clients.  Today, it’s not if a claim will occur, but when – are you really prepared for all the “What-ifs?

No extra fees, just good ‘ole fashion elbow grease.  We work side by side to get it done. 

Here are some of the Risk Management & Assessment tools at your disposal:

  • Fleet Safety
  • OSHA Training
  • Loss Control Surveys
  • Contract Review
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Cyber Liability Assessments
  • On-site Inspections
  • Foreign Travel Exposure Reviews
  • Carrier Loss Control Programs and Staffing
  • Work Comp Claims Review
  • Back to Work Programs for Injured Employees
  • Employment Practices Policy and Procedure Review
  • Disaster Planning & Crisis Management
  • Safety Committee Formation and Procedures
  • Loss Reporting Procedures
  • Claims Data Review throughout the year
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Kim DiMatteo

Kim DiMatteo
Branch Manager

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