Insurance for your Business, for You, and for your Family

Our Solutions

We’re All About Business, from the small Mom & Pop retailer on Main Street, to large multi-national corporation our Business Team’s focuses on Risk Management and proactive measures to ensure your company is here for the next generation.  Insurance is just a piece of the overall puzzle we help you put together.

It’s Personal for us here at DiMatteo Insurance.  Insurance is not a “one size fits all” proposition and we may take a tad more than 15 minutes to get you the right coverage from the right carrier. Why?  Because you are worth it and we don’t cut corners. Our team will be up front and honest with you, advising you on what you need and what you don’t.

Sleep easy, reduce worries and stress.  Our proactive process ensures you have the right coverage to protect your unique risks AND we make it easy for you. Let’s just say we strive for a headache free experience.  We understand that insurance isn’t the most pleasant subject and no one LOVES having it – until they need it.  It’s all about those “What Ifs” in life – our process leaves no stones unturned.

At DiMatteo Insurance we have access to the top insurance carriers in the regions we serve.  Accidents, natural disasters, hurt employees – all are unsettling!  When a crisis happens, let us be your first line of defense.  If something pops up after hours, or if you need to pay a bill, click here to view our carriers and their contact information!

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