Diane Lemanski

I’m a numbers woman both on the tax and financial planning sides of the house.   As one of the newest members of the DiMatteo team, I quickly learned how unique they are as a company.  Beyond the fact that we offer a variety of services to our clients, we have a culture that is rare in today’s business environment.  We all work as a team, but it’s more than that, we act as a family and we strive to give our clients that same experience.

Many people think numbers people are introverts, not the case! My favorite part of what I do at DiMatteo is interacting with our clients and problem-solving.  I help them create a financial game plan that helps them protect their family and their assets.  It’s gratifying on a lot of levels.

Outside of the office, you’ll find me on a hiking trail. It’s where I find my zen moments, communicating with nature.  It’s the ultimate stress reliever!

ph: 203-924-5420

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