Kayla Murphy

I love working at DiMatteo because of the culture. Everyone is super helpful, and we have a very family driven atmosphere.  I feel supported and have a million mentors – well perhaps not a million, but quite a few!  The leadership encourages self-growth and learning and it’s a great environment to be in. My mother, Jennifer Murphy, also works with us and it is great to get to work with her! Truly, a family business all around.

I’d like to think that my superpower is my attitude.  I try to always be positive, find the silver lining, and I handle stressful situations the same way.  Deep breath, assess, and handle in the way that is best for the client.  When a claim happens at their business there is panic and stress, and it’s our role to minimize the stress and anxiety. I think I’m great at doing just that!

In my free time, I’m either in the theatre or with my toes in the sand at the beach.  DiMatteo encouraged me to become part of the Young Insurance Professionals or YIP and I volunteer at Ronald McDonald House of New Haven. 

ph: 203-924-5422

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