Lisa Brand, CWCA

I took a leap of faith at the age of 45. After a successful career as a REALTOR, I wanted a change.  I saw a position open at DiMatteo Insurance for a Commercial Lines Producer.  As soon as I met Kim I knew this job was for me.  As a single mom with 4 children, I needed to be in a work environment that values family and community and I found it.

I love the team spirit at DiMatteo – we have a culture of “all for one and one for all”.  I never feel like I’m on an island and we make sure our clients have that same experience.  It’s quite magical and you don’t really find that type of culture in businesses today. The leadership works just as hard as we do, with an open door policy and hands-on “Let’s do this” attitude.

I find commercial insurance fascinating! We spend a lot of time getting to understand our clients’ businesses and what their risk thresholds are and then developing a risk management plan, including insurance, to protect their company.  We never just “sell insurance”, we become part of their team.  It’s a great business model.

Outside of DiMatteo I enjoy spending time with my family, reading an inspirational book – or four – and relaxing on the beach. I volunteer with the Make a Wish Foundation, the McGivney Center, and the Sheehan Center.

ph: 203-924-5404

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