Loretta DiMatteo Lesko, CIC, RTRP

After college and a short banking career, I decided to join the family business in 1984 to help my parents with computerization and technology.  Since that time, insurance agencies have come a long way from isles of paper filing cabinets!  Today I oversee the operations here at DiMatteo Insurance, but truthfully I love all aspects of our industry because I learn something new every day.  Insurance is far from boring and I enjoy the teaching and training part of my role.  What we do is complex, and our clients’ lives and livelihoods literally depend upon the decisions we make every day.  Ensuring our senior staff develops into mentors for our newer employees is part of our secret sauce – it works. I have a deep intuitive sense which has helped me be the Chief Problem Solver here at DiMatteo.

My family and I are not only committed to our industries, but also the community.  We are members of PIACT- Professional Insurance Agents of Connecticut, where I served as their President in 2016. I am also a board member for BH Cares as well as being involved, along with our team, in a myriad of non-profit endeavors throughout the year including our golf tournament for the DiMatteo Family Charitable Foundation.

My husband Rob and I enjoy traveling, cooking, working out and spending time with family and friends.

ph: 203-924-5412

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