Marcie Brown, CPA

I loved DiMatteo Group so much as an insurance client, I joined their Tax team!  Rosemarie recruited me when she found out I was a CPA and she knew right away that I embraced the DiMatteo way of life.  We really do have an amazing culture, great team, and leadership who understands the importance of work/life balance.

Many people envision a CPAs job as boring and mundane – it’s far from that.  I spend more time meeting with clients, engaging with them, and learning about their personal stories than I do sitting (or standing) at my desk with a pencil in hand or reading the latest IRS regulations. It’s the helping of people that drives me, making sure we are proactive not reactive when it comes to minimizing their tax liabilities.

I’ve often been told I think like a cat.  Sly, quick on my feet, and you never quite know what’s up my sleeve. I have four felines, so perhaps I’ve studied their behaviors a bit too much!

On the serious side, I’m a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals.  During tax season you’ll often find me clearing my mind by power walking, and after April 15th – I might do more strolling than stress relieving!

ph: 203-924-5417

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