Rosemarie DiMatteo Esposito, EA

I didn’t start out in the family business, in fact my first career was in health care as a Respiratory Therapist.  I loved working with patients and the job overall, but the schedules at the time were strict and it took away from family time.  My Dad was preparing to retire and I was looking for a better work/life balance. The timing was perfect as my son was starting kindergarten.  I dabbled at first part time working in the commercial insurance side of the business and then on the tax side during “the season”.  The rest is kind of history – I now am full time here at DiMatteo, managing the tax department and overseeing the tax matters for the insurance agency division.

Most people think my two career paths were, and are vastly different – but not really.  What I love about both is that I get to help people every day, and every day is unique. Today I help my clients become more financially aware but in both roles, my biggest reward is knowing they are living comfortably and happily.

We are a family owned business, so someone has to be the “Peacekeeper” and that is me!  Not that there is any real drama at DiMatteo but like any family – and an Italian one at that – let’s just say we have some pretty animated family meetings!  All in all, we love working together as a team and a family.  It’s rewarding knowing we are building on my parent’s legacy, and now passing that on to our children.  I guess you can say we are living the American Dream, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

On the business side, I’m an IRS Enrolled Agent, and licensed in Life, Property and Casualty and have the title of Controller here at DiMatteo Group.  In my free time – I’m all about family and friends and especially spending time with my grandson.  I love a good book, morning power walks, an occasional competitive game of Bunco and going to the theatre.  I’m on the CT National Association of Tax Preparers (CTNATP)  Board of Directors and of course, I am deeply involved in our DiMatteo Family Charitable Foundation.

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