The Secret to Sales Success – Networking, Connecting and Serving.

On May 27, 2020 Kim DiMatteo, of DiMatteo Insurance and proud member of Profesional Women in Building Council, presented on

“The Secret to Sales Success – Networking, Connecting, and Serving.” 

Get the inside scoop on the Power of Relationships and being “sticky”.

Here are Kim’s top ten points.

  1. Your Personal Brand
  2. Know Your ideal client
  3. The Sales rule of three
  4. Make your prospect list
  5. Your “Sticky” message
  6. Marketing & Sales Strategy
  7. Network, Network, Network
  8. Don’t be a “Salesperson”
  9. Patience Grasshopper
  10. Always be learning

To watch the replay of the seminar click here – The Secret to Sales Success

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