Zaibel Torres - Administrative Assistant

Everyone calls me Belle, since so many people struggle with pronouncing Zaibel!

In the insurance world, I’ve learned the #1 question most of us get asked is “Why Insurance? Out of all the careers in the universe, why pick insurance?”  My answer is always “I didn’t pick insurance, I picked the team here at DiMatteo.”  It may sound cliche but it’s true, I love the people I work with.  There is such an incredible wealth of knowledge within these walls, it’s inspiring and that includes the leadership.  Mentoring, teaching, learning, and community are strong core values at DiMatteo and that’s why I chose to work here.

My role at DiMatteo is the Director of First Impressions!  I want to make sure that every person that comes into our office, that calls our office, or even visits our website or social media sites has an amazing first impression and customer experience.  I love people and tend to look for the best in everyone, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Outside of the First Impressions Master, I am the go-to at DiMatteo.  You’ll find me working with just about every team member in every department at some point in the day. I love it!

When I’m not at the office I love spending time with my family, hiking, and building up my photography portfolio – I’m an amateur shutterbug.  Community and giving back is important, I’m a camp coordinator for the Annual Survivor Youth Retreat and a Youth Counselor for my church, Iglesia Bautista Emanuel where we focus on positivity for our youth, something I’m extremely passionate about.  We push the children to understand they are far more capable than what they think, and work with them on self-esteem and the power of treating others with respect.  Something that is vital in todays world of bullying, violence and teen suicide.

ph: 203-924-5405